Purpose of convening the convening

The session engages directly with the conference theme by creating a reflexive and collective imaginative space to grapple with the concept of “socially just health systems”.

Our input panel will reflect on methodologies and praxis for engaging political and social forces creating systemic injustice, inequities, and marginality. Our panellists represent a set of perspectives emerging from contexts that have experienced historical injustices. Thus, they will offer critical perspectives on the historical legacies of HSs as they intertwine with the afterlives of colonisation and other forms of historical oppression. Our panellists come from South Africa, New Zealand, United States of America and Thailand and they will reflect on methodologies and praxis for facilitating social change within and outside of health systems.

Furthermore, in this session panellists will historicize, politicize, and unpack legacies of violence including polarizing ideologies, growing health disparities, precarious labour, migration, corruption, income inequality, urbanization, and climate change. We will offer reflections about conceptual and praxis tools for policy makers, health managers, health workers, researchers and civil society advocates to embrace principles, values and practices that resist and dismantle contemporary forms of power within and beyond HSs. As scholars committed to a liberation and transformation project, we propose that HPSR agendas should embrace an antiracist, queer, decolonial, indigenous, feminist stance to achieve the vision of a socially just HS. We argue that such an agenda must engage with epistemic and institutional concerns centering the dismantling of power relations and that this should be translated into our methods and practices.

We will have a short Q&A where we will invite participants to share for collective sharing of ideas, strategies, approaches, methods and tools for reimagining, liberation, and co-building.

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11:45AM - 12:00PM

Welcome And Framing Of The Session


Lance Louskieter


Sibusiso Fihlani

12:00PM - 12:35PM

Input Panelist Discussion




Shehnaz Munshi


kotch Movinon



12:35PM - 12:55PM

Facilitated Q&A


Kentse Radebe